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We have built a state of the art trading platform

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BlockWork users are enabled with an experience that offers speed and efficiency when trading across multiple exchanges.

Free to Users

Using BlockWork's platform at no cost gives you the competitive edge needed to maximize your trading power.

Ease of Use

BlockWork's simple, yet sophisticated platform allows you to customize your interface to meet your trading style.

Frequent Questions

Is it secure?

BlockWork only holds your information in encrypted form. By restricting your permissions in each exchange, your information is as safe as trading on your chosen exchanges directly.

Which exchanges can I trade on?

BlockWork currently runs with several major exchanges including, BitFinex, BTC-E and Kraken. Supporting trades across various exchanges is our major goals as we continue to add exchanges.

Do I need accounts at each exchange?

Yes, simply generate API keys or use existing keys for each exchange, enter them into BlockWork's interface, we make the request for you to the exchange and you start trading.

When will the platform be available?

Product innovation and development is underway and will be released for Beta in the coming months. To stay updated, enter your information at the top of the page for company and product news.

Do you hold users' money?

We do not hold any amount of our users' money. Funds remain tied directly to the exchanges on which they are traded.

Do you support two-factor authentication?

As we strive for the highest level of security, we support and recommend two-factor authentication.

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